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Halff Brothers Ranch Ltd. is a beautiful, historic ranch.


Located in Frio County, an hour from San Antonio, Halff Brothers Ranch Ltd. is known for the abundance and diversity of its wildlife. The unique attributes of the South Texas brush country combine with the forested Frio River bottom to produce a truly remarkable outdoor experience.

Halff Brothers Ranch in print, on TV, video and the web.

Ken Archibald, who harvested a beautiful 178 inch monster this year, has an article appearing in the Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters entitled The Intimidator which recounts his hunt last year after a deer named for Dale Earnhardt. Grab a copy of the Mar/April 2007 issue and join the chase.(2/07)

Lynn Burkhead has written a piece for the ESPN Outdoors website on the perils and failures of turkey hunting even with the most talented hunters. "The Birds of Purgatory: Another wonderful spring of turkey hunting aggravation" is tough but true. Sometimes you win, and sometimes the turkey wins. (6/06)

Outdoor Writer, Bobb Robb joined us for a Turkey hunt and topped it off with some fine Texas Hogs for his table. The successful story of his Halff Brothers Ranch Turkey Adventure is in Realtree's Online Journal.(6/06)

Tom Peebles has written a piece for The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters entitled Hogs Be Gone! Appearing in the July/August 2006 issue it celebrates hog hunting and decries the havoc and destruction that the hogs can do to a pasture. Pick up a copy of the Journal at your local sporting goods store. (6/06)

Monster Bucks XIV has come out from Realtree. As we mentioned earlier, Bill Jordan and his son Tyler came back to settle an old score. (5/06)

As Turkey Season has just ended and we have a great photo story of one hunter's experience on the ranch. Russell Graves is a professional photographer and he has posted on his website a photo-essay of his experience on the ranch. He sees the everyday and makes it look majestic.(4/06)

Deer season is past but hunting South Texas feral hogs is exploding, so we bring you the definitive explanation of where to shoot a hog. Before we threw him on the BBQ, we hung up a beautiful boar to illustrate optimum shot placement. The trick is to Aim Lower than you Think. (3/06)

One of the nicest hunters we know, Bill Jordan, has come to South Texas once again to chase deer. His hunt for a beautiful trophy whitetail, which he has since named "Picket Fence" is chronicled under the title Bill's Double Play at Halff Brothers! on the Realtree Website. He also arrowed a very impressive management whitetail to keep his bow hunting skills honed. Last year Tyler, Bill's son, in an ill-fated moment, missed a beautiful 8 point Whitetail that by all accounts is a Trophy. To add insult to injury he did it on camera and the moment is forever memorialized in Monster Bucks XIII. No one had taken "Tyler's" deer, and his determination to confront his nemesis paid off. He came, He saw, He harvested. It was a 4x4 mainframe with one small kicker. The deer scored a whopping 162 B&C. (12/05)

We hope you got to see the Gore-Tex Outdoor Adventures hunt on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN)on September 28, 2005 entitled "Texas and Mexico Whitetails with Steve Shuster and Brenda Valentine", Gore-Tex Brand Manager Steve Shuster took on the thick brush and wild boars of Texas' Golden Triangle... (9/05)

From the same hunt comes a riotous story of one outdoor writers experience on the ranch that originally appeared in the Field and Stream, April 2005 edition. Entitled "The Blind-Hog Jackpot" it details Bill Heavey's hunt for a bigger deer than he realized. (Field and Stream link). (4/05)

To read an inspring account of a young man's success with his life, hogs and a magnificent deer go to Realtree.com - Hunt of a Lifetime. Bill Jordan and the Realtree team took Jason Kuzma deer and hog hunting on the ranch for a spectular and rewarding hunt of a lifetime during the 2004-2005 season . (This hunt was on Realtree Outdoors on ESPN2, Sunday, August 28, 2005.)

For a great written account of Bill Jordan's earlier 2002-2003 hunt at the ranch, go to RealTree.com - The Halff Brother's Double!

For those who wish to see some video of the ranch, we will be featured Monster Bucks XIV.
We also have been featured on Realtree Monster Bucks XI and Monster Bucks XII and Monster Bucks XIII vol. I.as well as Realtree Outdoors TV in 2003, 2004 and 2005..

The show airing in late 2004 was entitled "Quality Father/Son time" (Realtree president Bill Jordan traveled to the Halff Brothers ranch in Texas. Its Bill's second year on the brush country paradise as he tries to top his best buck from there in 2002! Then after the Christmas holidays Bill returned with his son Tyler and they team up on some great south Texas giants!)

We also aired on The Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine television series, with host Jackie Bushman in 2003.

A Birdwatching inventory is being assembled by noted birder, Martin Reid. Because of the riparian areas around the Frio river and the brush land hills, the ranch has a unique habitat that attracts birds from Mexico and throughout South Texas. Some of the more unusual birds, butterflies and dragonflies can be viewed at Martin's website, www.MartinReid.com.

If you would like a bit of history on the era in which the ranch came into the family, there is a wonderful book available. Written by Patrick Dearen, it is entitled, "Halff of Texas, Merchant Rancher of the old West". It is available at your local bookseller, and online. Amazon has it. (Click here)




Updated June 13, 2007